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Welcome to: Missouri Association of Workforce Development

The Missouri Association for Workforce Development is a state association that supports career and technical training as well as workforce development. We are made up of individuals within the training and employment community who seek to enhance partnerships focused towards developing a competitive workforce.  Membership in MAWD affords an opportunity to interact with other professionals concerning relevant issues in the area of workforce development.


- Workforce Development Services should serve all job seekers and employers by:
- Every worker should have access to high quality training that is necessary to improve their ability to obtain and maintain meaningful employment in the 21st Century by:
- National and state funding for workforce development programs should be strengthened and stabilized to ensure all customers receive the optimal benefits by:
- Collaboration should be encouraged across all workforce development programs by:
- Innovation should be encouraged within the workforce development system by:

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Learn from the best and brightest to propel your career in workforce development.  From the MAWD Conference, to webinars, helpful articles, and everything in between, MAWD has you covered.


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The website is MAWD’s gateway for trends in workforce development, both statewide and nationally.  Check out the resource links or dig deeper into workforce news.


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MAWD participates in state and national coalitions to spread the word about the benefits and roles of workforce development.  Missouri’s economy is made stronger every day thanks in part to the workforce system.