MAWD is Missouri's premier workforce development association, and our membership is a diverse and multi-talented group of professionals from across the state. Our commitment is to help you become the consummate workforce professional through training and development opportunities, networking resources and helping you be informed on legislative and administrative actions. This is all to help you do what you do best, identifying and implementing solutions to meet your customer's needs.

There are many benefits to being a MAWD member, and more are being developed all the time. Please read through the following information to see what our association offers to assist you.

The goals of MAWD include promotion of the the professional growth of the membership as well as the development, support and delivery of quality workforce development programs.  MAWD supports all local, state, and national legislation that would benefit employment, training, and workforce development programs.  Additionally, MAWD supports efforts of the Missouri and National Associations for Career and Technical Education.

To join MAWD, please complete the MAWD Membership Form and send this form, along with your membership dues payment to the address indicated on the MAWD Membership Form.