MAWD’s Strategic Communications Series for Workforce Professionals

MAWD and Full Capacity Marketing are pleased to offer to the Fall 2012 Strategic Communications Series for Workforce Professionals.  MAWD contracted with FCM to develop and deliver four capacity-building webinars focusing on strategic communications and social media. Join communications veteran Celina Shands Gradijan in this highly interactive series that provides tools, resources and plenty of “aha” moments. Each session is approximately 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

How to sign up

Registration for the series is now open online at  MAWD members already logged in to will find the registration link on the Members-Only page.  The log-in link is at the top of the membership page.  If you don't recall your username and/or password, simply enter your email address on a special recovery log-in page.

Introductory Webinar Now Available for Download

With budget reductions in full force, it is imperative that workforce professionals understand how to design and deliver cost-effective communication strategies that target all of their funded customer groups, as well as strategic partners and funders that can support and advance their critical mission. This recorded Webinar is a summary of a two-part workshop conducted at the 2012 MAWD Workforce Conference. This foundational class is highly recommended as a primer for the social media webinar series. Participants will be guided through a measurable step-by-step approach for developing a strategic communications plan, and understand how to develop messages that speak to the needs of each target audience.   Members-Only downlink link for the Foundational webinar >

Social Media 101:  Understanding the Basics

Completed October 3, 2012 

Social media is the reason that 43% of marketers have noticed a marked improvement in their branding and outreach efforts in 2012. As a workforce organization, are you tapping into these powerful tools to engage customers, funders and partners, or are you overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start? Participants will gain a high level overview of the major social media tools and its applications and key benefits, as well as methods to manage social media accounts effectively. Strategies and topics for developing an organizational social media policy will also be covered.  Download the handouts from the Members-Only page >

Facebook for Workforce Professionals

Completed October 31, 2012

With 137.6 million unique visitors per month, Face Book can be an effective conversational tool for workforce organizations when building relationships with customers. This webinar details how workforce professionals can use Face Book for engaging businesses, job seekers and youth, and showcases how workforce organizations are using this social media tool.  Download the handouts from the Members-Only page >

LinkedIn for Workforce Professionals

Completed November 7, 2012 

LinkedIn is a social network with over 116 million users that enables you to network professionally, answer questions, and build thought leadership. This webinar tackles the many effective tools within LinkedIn that workforce professionals should use both personally and organizationally.  Download the handouts from the Members-Only page >

Twitter for Workforce Professionals

November 28, 2012 from 10:30 am to 11:15 am

This webinar details how workforce professionals can use Twitter as an effective outreach and branding tool, as well as develop relationships with journalists to garner media stories.  Register from the Members-Only page >